Motor Vehicle will mean any type of car or whatever is hired together with all accessories. The hirer shall: Provide a deposit as well as pay the hire charges in advance as laid out in rental schedule, motor unless both parties have agreed on different terms in writing. If the contract is prematurely terminated for whatever reason, the hirer is liable to pay rent to Company as per applicable tariff rate for the entire period of use. The minimum rental period is 24 hours, Excess hours will be changed a full day’s rental. (Grace period is only one hour) Provide true and valid documentation as requested by the Company and the local authorities. The hirer declared that he is licensed to drive vehicle according to U.A.E. Traffic laws including all those persons whose names appear in the rental agreement authorized to drive it. Driving License should be one year old & driver age should be above 23

It is Affordable and cheap to rent a car in Dubai because it is Comfortable than public transport to driver Different Variety of Cars for Long distance and around the city in a very Convenience way. You may have an Opportunity to enjoy a luxury car to create an impression.

The documents required to rent a car in the United Arab Emirates differ for residents and tourists. For example, rental car companies in Dubai will usually require residents to produce copies of the passport, residential visa, valid UAE driving license and Emirates ID. Tourists on the other hand, are required to submit the following documents for rent a car in Dubai:

  • Original passport
  • Original visit visa
  • International driving permit
  • Original driving license from their home country

If you are 18 Years old, you can drive car in UAE and to rent a car you have to be at least 21 years old and have a driving license that you have had for at least 6 months. People who are resident of UAE, they need to have UAE valid Driving License to drive the car. If you are a visitor, you need to have international driving license but some European country license are also valid in UAE

Renting a car has less complicated costs primarily because registration, service and maintenance costs are taken care of. There are some additional charges which are Tolls, Traffic Violation Fines, Extra Hours, Fuel and extra Km Charges.

If you rent a car on a monthly basis, your car rental agency will do all the maintenance work. You can easily save your time and money by avoiding this maintenance task and You Can Easily Maintain the Vehicle. By selecting the monthly packages from Autobots Rent a Car, you can easily get discounts for your next deal. You Can Become a Loyal Customer.

If you are booking a car from Autobots Rent a Car, you can pay 10 % advance of your rental to confirm booking with us. We do not have any agent whom you have to pay commission. When you will pay advance of 10%, that amount will be adjusted in your rental.

There is a reason to ask for a deposit is because Autobots Rent a Car needs some assurance that we won't lose money if damage is caused, any Traffic Violation, Tolls, and pending rental you fail to pay the amount you owe.

If you do not have credit card then you can pay by debit card (When looking to rent a car without a credit card, it is important to note that debit cards are separate and different from credit cards) you can also pay by cash.

During the rental period you are the owner of the car and have control. If you give permission for another person to drive the car, fine. All insurance agreements between you and the rental car company but in case of accident, other person will not be covered for insurance. To avoid the mess, you can add additional driver in car rental contract.

We allow three additional drivers in same car rental contract which is chargeable. You can let other driver to drive the car but he should be under your resident visa. If you are a tourist, you have to take chuffer service.

The easiest way to find car rentals near you is, of course, through Google or Google Maps. However, Autobots rent a Car takes your car rental search to another level as you can browse live car rental offers near you. You can further filter offers by Shop Locations and Delivery Available in your locality. Simply search by your area name e.g. Al Quoz or Business Bay in Dubai.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has confirmed that a tourist or visitor can drive a Dubai-registered car in the UAE if they have an international driving license. ... All other nationalities must also obtain an International Driving Permit which is available in a home country or via Emirates Post in the UAE.

75% of our users found rental cars in Dubai for AED 72 or less. An advantage to renting a car while you are in Dubai is that you are no longer stuck in the city. The United Arab Emirates has plenty to offer aside from Dubai and with a car it is as simple as a quick drive to reach neighboring emirates such as Dubai Sharjah Ajman and Abu Dhabi.

The Dubai city is grappling with the traffic issues and the government has taken a lot of initiatives to mitigate the suffering of the masses. Avoid the rush hours It may sound absurd to you but I will still say it, don’t move out of your house during rush hours until absolutely necessary Don’t Move ahead Keep Calm because Mudsling & authority bashing won’t help you to reach your destination on time and your present situation is an important driving survival tip. You should not stop every time that you see next driver’s red lights. Keep Safe Driving Distance is always advisable to keep a minimum distance between the two vehicles while driving on the road for the safety the drivers. Dubai is a home to more than 2 million expats who use local transport to move from one place to another .Carpooling & car rental have proved very beneficial for them as both money and resources have being saved. Plan you trip before venturing out of your house, make sure to take the advantage of the technology like GPS.

Driving under the influence of Alcohol is crime in UAE. You cannot drive under the influence of drugs or brain affecting substances or any other similar; it can be causing someone’s death and causing a serious accident or injuries or Running away from the traffic policeman. You can get fine of Nonstop when causing a small accident. Exceeding the maximum speed limit by more than 80 km/hour and other thin assigned speed limit can also be fined. You will be fined for not wearing a seat belt. You should follow Lane discipline to avoid traffic violation.

Never leave the scene of an accident. Confirm no one is hurt, and then check for damage. Watch for oncoming traffic and turn on your hazard lights to warn them. If the accident is serious, call 911. Once you know everyone’s okay, or emergency help is on the way, gather information to file an accident report using the collision checklist. Collect information. Call the police to file an accident report, even for a minor. If you can do so safely, get it out of the flow of traffic. At the first sign of trouble, maneuver your vehicle toward the side of the road. Put on your hazard lights when you're off the road. If it's dark outside, turn on your vehicle's interior light as well. Change flat tires in a safe place. Drive your car further off the road if necessary. Once you’re safe and out of traffic, change your tire as you normally would. If you're unable to fix your car, get professional help or call the police. Don't flag down other drivers. Stay inside your vehicle with the doors locked, but make sure exhaust fumes aren’t getting inside. Consider walking if help is nearby, but don’t put your safety at risk. Keep as far away from traffic as possible. Keep an emergency kit inside your car. A breakdown kit can include a flashlight, flares, a warm blanket, bottles of water and other necessities. Learn to do basic car repairs, such as how to connect the battery, check the oil and radiator fluid, and change a tire.

Off-road driving is not allowed in any vehicle type. Should these restrictions be ignored, all insurances if accepted shall be deemed null and void. The driver will be held fully responsible in case of damage to or loss of the vehicle and will bear all consequences, including the cost of repatriation of the damaged vehicle. Basically, you should never drive off-road unless you’re prepared to accept the risk that you could end up with a hefty repair bill. If you void the collision damage waiver you will be liable for the entire cost of the repairs to the vehicle, not just the excess amount.

Car Rental Company will charge for driving 250-300 km one way plus you will need to pay for extra Oman Insurance and extra rider fees at the border. They will also charge some 10% extra simply because they are one of the few car rental companies allowing you to cross into Oman.

Minimum rental length is 24 hours. Rental days are based on 24-hour periods commencing at the time of pick up. Additional day charges will apply if the Autobots Rent a Car vehicle is kept longer than specified (additional days begin after 1 hour grace period and will be billed at the available public rate)

Hiring a car at Dubai International Airport is easy; we can deliver and pick the car from any airport of UAE which wills chargeable depending upon location of the airport.

he hirer is responsible for registering their vehicle for paid parking and for all parking charges in relation to the vehicle whilst on hire.

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